ADE Report: ‘Rock Is Dead’ & Other ‘Fuck-You Moments’

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In 1978, The Who’s Roger Daltrey sang, “Goodbye Sister Disco/And to your clubs and your tramps.” For many, it seemed to be moment of rockist triumphalism, as dancefloor-driven sounds and its culture began to bloat and wane. Now, three-plus decades later at Amsterdam Dance Event, Beatport CEO Matt Adell repeated another famous Townshend lyric, one that reflected today’s musical leanings: “Rock is dead.” [READ MORE]

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Amsterdam Dance Event: A Tale of Two DJs

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Amsterdam—Over 3,800 DJs and dance-music pros attended Holland’s Amsterdam Dance Event this past Oct. 17-21. And, as always, DJ Times was there to monitor and participate in the conference portion of the show, attend the evening events at 75 area venues, and network the week away outside ADE’s two main hotspots—the Felix Meritis Centre and Dylan Hotel. [...] Continue reading

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