Nicky Romero Develops ‘Kickstart’ Production Plug-In

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Nicky Romero has released Kickstart, a new sidechain compression plugin that he developed with Cableguys. The plugin features 16 modulation patterns handcrafted by Romero himself that each serve to rhythmically change the volume of audio channels in order to create space and definition to tracks. [READ MORE] Continue reading

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Ableton Releases Free New Features for Live & Push Users

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Ableton has announced the public beta of the Ableton Live 9.1 update, giving registered users of Live 9 Suite, Standard, and Intro new Live and Push features. For Live 9.1, users gain the ability to open two windows simultaneously on both one or two monitors. This allows both the session and arrangement views to be open at the same time. [READ MORE] Continue reading

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Super Bowl Video Mash-up goes ESPN Viral

DJ Steve Porter has made a video mash-up for the NFL Continue reading

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Free! How DJs can Exploit the Digital Business Model

DJ Pretty Lights discusses the business model of giving away his music for free. Continue reading

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