America’s Best DJ: Camp Bisco Brings the Heat

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Mariaville, N.Y. – In the peak of New York’s summer heat, 20,000 EDM fans make the trek to Mariaville—quaint lake town in upstate New York—to experience Camp Bisco this past July 11-13. The four-stage music festival offered big-room house, jam bands, rappers and trappers. Known for its rural camping environment and all-night partying, the grounds were decorated with a Ferris wheel, vendors, and live art.[read more] Continue reading

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SXSW ’13: The Best DJ Sets—A Look Back

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Austin, Texas— From Soundcloud randoms to Billboard magazine cover stars, more DJ talent than ever graced this year’s SXSW. The annual live-music bacchanalia—held this past March 8-17 in venues all over Texas’ capitol city—was never at a loss for beats.

The 2013 festival was yet another confirmation of the blurring line between dance music and hip-hop [read more] Continue reading

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