Why Airlines Hate You

What are the implications if the new Ultra-Compact Airline Seat idea actually, um, flies? In addition to spreading empathy for veal calves, and the possibility of Kevin Smith never traveling again, global DJs will feel the sting more than most. … Continue reading

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Obama and DJ AM Wre$tling Match?

President Obama has equated his struggle with congressional Republicans over extending the Bush-era tax cuts to a “wrestling match”—the GOP, with a Flying Leg Lock, wishes to extend the cuts, while the Obama administration, employing the Atomic Surfboard, wants to … Continue reading

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News: Deadmau5′s Beats, MTV’s Meat

The buzz surrounding Lady Gaga and her meat dress at last night’s MTV VMA Awards has yet to subside–and we’re frankly surprised that no one has made a fuss about our blazer made of whole wheat pizza–but we have taken … Continue reading

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Qbert Wins, DJs Thank God, Allah, etc.

Like a house on fire, the social media network is ablaze as news about Qbert’s victory in the “America’s Best DJ” contest takes flight. Reaction has been one of relief, since DJ Pauly D’s team of social media bunnies have … Continue reading

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America’s Got DJ Talent: Qbert Wins!

The polling stations are closed, the season of handshakes and baby-kissing has drawn to a close, the votes have all been tallied, the bribe money counted, and it’s official: DJ Times magazine and Pioneer DJ announce that DJ Qbert has … Continue reading

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Can Chicago House Music Fill Iconic Hole?

With the announcement that Chicago Mayor Richard Daley is vacating office after his term ends, Chicago is flagellating in a potential political vacuum, wondering how they’re going to fill such an iconic hole—after all, Daley has held office since 1989, … Continue reading

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Hurricane? What Hurricane? Electric Zoo Blows Away NYC

New York City—It’s official, it seems: Electric Zoo easily defeated a weakened Hurricane Earl this past Labor Day weekend and blew away throngs of area electronic-dance music fans. Billed as New York’s Electronic Music Festival and presented by Made Event, … Continue reading

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Tracks we’d Like to Hear@Ground-Zero Mosque

Can Feisal Abdul Rauf, chairman of the Cordoba Initiative and imam of the ground-zero Muslim Community Center, play hardball? He probably won’t need to, not tonight anyway, when he sits for an interview with CNN’s Larry King, who, to his … Continue reading

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Chems Resolve Music Industry Crisis with…Adam Smith?

With industry-wide CD sales decreasing like a waistline on The Biggest Loser, the Chemical Brothers have figured out a way to maximize profit—with live shows, and more specifically, live shows with a heightened focus on high-production visuals, with input from … Continue reading

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ABDJ Voting Closes September 6

There are no exit polls, or PACs, but there is plenty of old-school glad-handing, baby-kissing lobbying, so the America’s Best DJ contest, or ABDJ, decides who the best DJ is on merit as well as hustle. Although some people question … Continue reading

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