DJ’s Expo Mix scores “Hollywood” Radio Gig, Kills Video Star

DJ DiGiacomo never thought he’d win. “I read about the contest several weeks before the deadline and thought, ‘I’ll never win, why even bother entering?’ Then I saw the contest ad again on the last day submissions were being accepted, and thought, ‘Well, why not, I’ve got nothing to lose?’”

So DiGiacomo took a 30-minute extract from a mix CD he recorded in the spring (“I knew I wasn’t gonna win, so I didn’t even record something new specifically for the contest”), and sent it in.

The mix: “Imma Be” – Black Eyed Peas; “Telephone” – Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce; “Rude Boy” – Rihanna;  “The Power of Music” – Kristine W ft. Big Daddy Kane;  “Bulletproof” – La Roux” and “OMG” – Usher ft.

The result: DJ DiGiacomo wins Hollywood Hamilton’s “DJ Expo/Remix Top 30 Countdown Contest.” “Frankly, I couldn’t believe it,” said DiGiacomo. “I thought there must be some kind of catch. I was half-expecting DJ Times to say something like ‘You’ve won! Now if you pay $__ to join our DJ Pool…” or “You only need to send us a check for $__ to process your winning entry.”

“I’m pretty cynical.”

The prize: Four one-hour DJ spots mixing on Sean Hamilton’s Remix Top 30 Countdown, a weekly 3-hour radio program; each hour of the show is mixed by a DJ from their regular roster of four. He’ll be joining this roster for 4 weeks.

DiGiacomo has freelanced in lots of local NYC bars & clubs. “My last full-time job was as Music Director/In-store DJ at the store Jeffrey New York in the Meat Packing District.  I currently play once a month at David Barton Gym in Chelsea.”

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