DJs Offer Royal Music Tips

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Prince william and kate in back seat of car
What would you spin at a $40 Million bonanza?

Prince William and Kate announced their wedding and the industry officially began salivating this week. That’s what a $40 million wedding can do. Wonder who will provide the music?

We’ve been flooded with royal music suggestions from DJs—“William, it was Really Nothing,” “Prince of the Universe,” and “Gold Digger” among them—and we’ve also been flooded with plenty of “suggestions” as to how a DJ should handle this dream gig.

“I would book out Elton John or George Michael—perhaps both—to perform William and Kate’s first dance song,” says DJ Gregg Hollmann.

Other DJs suggested some follow-up tips.

“Saturday wedding, royal or not, there’s no time to waste—Monday phone call,” says DJ Mike Cazzio. “If they’re on their honeymoon, maybe they’re on the moon, I leave a phone message to congratulate them. And the way I always leave a message, I don’t say, ‘I hope you think we did a great job.’ I say, ‘Hey, I know DJ Kevin was out there and did an incredible job at your party. I hope you guys are enjoying your honeymoon. If you need anything when you get back, just give me a call.’ Then a month or two later I’ll send them a card thanking them and asking them to remember us for their friend’s party or whenever they have need for entertainment at an event.”

Other DJs offer a similar version of the Royal Follow Up.

“We’d send a customer satisfaction questionnaire the week after their wedding,” says DJ Manny Silas. “So it’s sitting in their stack of mail fresh after they get back from their honeymoon. It’s a real nice piece of scalloped, decorative paper, and it includes a thank you for the opportunity to entertain at their event. We say, ‘As you know, the satisfaction of our customer comes first…’ It’s nice, and we use different fonts to dress it up. We provide them with parchment paper to write it by hand or type it and an envelope and stamp to mail it back to us. And we’d also encourage them to send us pictures—the pictures they get back from the photographer, and then we scan it and put it up on our web site.”

And why not probe for a future royal weddng?

“I’d ask them in the evaluation card, ‘Are you or any of your friends planning a party in the future where you may need entertainment? Yes or No? Is it OK if I contact you? Yes or No?’ Maybe 10 times a year they’ll know somebody who needs entertainment.”