DJ White Shadow Releases Explosive ‘Fear’ Video & Gears Up for EP Trilogy

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After having worked his way up through the Detroit party scene over the years, DJ White Shadow came to prominence in 2010 after being hand-selected by Lady Gaga to help produce 9 tracks for her third album Born This Way. Since then, he’s released the I’m Killing Me EP, toured the US as part of 2011s’ Identity Festival, and been produced more track for Lady Gaga’s just-confirmed ARTPOP album. He’s just released a video for “Fear,” a track taken from his upcoming Pussy, Drugs, Fear EP, which is due to be released July 23rd on Decon Records.

“Fear” is a progression of the trap-leanings White Shadow first heard last year in his track “Cake Like Lady Gaga.” Beginning with menacing bass and plenty of high-hats, the track explodes with gunshots and low-frequency rumbles before switching gears completely midway through. Anthemic, trance-inspired synths take over in the latter half of the track, which complement the bass-heavy productions in an unexpectedly interesting way.

The video for “Fear” is an exploration of violence, depravity, and—past the middle point—kittens. Decapitations, explosions, and blood are all common sights within, so it is not for the faint of heart (or stomach). Watch the newly released video for “Fear” above.

Pussy, Drugs, Fear is the first in a trilogy of EPs that DJ White Shadow will be releasing this year. It is available for pre-order here.