DJ Times' Picks: Play These Records—Tonight!

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phot of Richard dinsdale in hoodie

Richard Dinsdale

Originally on Cheap Thrills and now picked up for worldwide domination by 3Beat, this riveting stormer transports you straight back to 1990’s raving days with a piano drop that demands hands in the air. Massive.
– Curtis Zack

“Glitter Fever” EP
Richard Dinsdale
Toolroom Records
A lively new progressive EP featuring two blistering singles that’ll definitely get some love—both cuts bring their own distinct funkiness. DJs will love the disco-tinged “DJ, You’ve Got My Love,” with its rollicking party groove and insatiable vocal hook. And don’t sleep on the tech-heavy “One Step,” a dirty beat-infested groover.  Both tracks should be club staples.
– Phil Turnipseed

“Turn It Up”
Ultra Naté
Deep Sugar Music
An absolutely wicked new outing for Ms. Naté, as she brings the intensity up a notch. Several mixes here, like the splashy, progressive “Wawa Remixes” and the chunky tech vibe of the “Ruff Loaderz & Scott Giles Dub.” We’re also feeling the crazy “Muthafunkaz Catch A Beatdown Dub.”
– Phil Turnipseed

Nelson Grover
Animal Language
On this instrumental house track, surprise piano riffs take over the middle of the original mix for winning effect. Though the original definitely leans towards the progressive side, Binman and Mason switch things up with serious electro flavor on their mixes.
– Natalie Raben

“Electric Love”
Dirty Vegas
OM Records
A funky throwback with ’80s flavor, this track definitely maintains that distinct Dirty Vegas sound we all remember. The original mix is rock-focused with Paul Harris and Runaway offering housey takes for the remixes.
– Natalie Raben

“Have You Got Your Boots On?”
Bah Samba
Alice Russell lends her bold, discofied vocal style to the likes of three distinct remixes. DJ Meme bangs out a bouncy house mix with a funky bassline, cool brass and clever percussion. The interpretation from JKriv (of Tortured Soul) is a chuggy, ’80s-flavored, mid-tempo, funk extravaganza. Finally, Steve Luxe’s rendition offers some groovy retro disco—a sweet dancefloor piece with soothing Rhodes and a chillier vibe.
– Shawn Christopher

“Bass, Drums & Harmony”
Yogi & Husky
The Random Soul duo of Yogi & Husky makes another appearance on Miguel Migs’ Salted label—and the quality continues. Funky flecks, boogie bassline and some high-grade synth action all feature to make this one essential.
– Curtis Zack

“Finish Line”
Look no further than The Freemasons’ remixes of this latest Yasmin track. Slowing down mid-song for a devastating drop, this one should be massive—both in the clubs and on the airwaves.
– Curtis Zack

Sample Madness, Vol. 1
Purple Tracks
Here are four crate-digging cuts from Souldynamic that all borrow hefty slices from disco classics. But, with their bumpin’ thumpin’ grooves, they’re updated perfectly for today’s clubs.
– Curtis Zack

“Piece of You”
Michael Gray
One half of Full Intention, Michael Gray returns for another solo outing destined for success. It may not have the instant appeal of “Weekend,” but after a few plays you will be hooked.
– Curtis Zack

“It’s Alright”
DJ Kone & Marc Palacios
The original version of this track is a standard dancefloor fodder. However, as with so many Gossip releases, Hott 22 saves the day with a devastating disco-influenced remix that points straight for the dancefloor.
– Curtis Zack

“Go Crazy”
Daniel Bovie & Roy Rox
Versuz Essentials
Featuring the hip-hop rhythms of C. Reid, this one’s a genuine floor-burner. Simply put, “Go Crazy” drops a storming house groove—no gimmicks, no hefty samples, just class.
– Curtis Zack

“Hard Yards”
Domsko feat. Astral T
Lost My Dog
This sexy, new, tech-house vocal cut features a wicked synth hook and some very cool, deep grooves. With a hard-edged feel, “Hard Yards” is tempered by vocalist Astral T’s soulful performance on the original. On the dub, the vocal stabs are what set off the wicked tech groove, while that synth riff does the rest of the work. A definite floor-burner!
– Phil Turnipseed

“Father Father” EP
Julio Bashmore
Future Boogie
Producer/artist Bashmore introduces us to his soothing chill house groove with this sexy new EP that also features vocalist Javeon McCarthy. The title track delivers a subtle, deep-house feel with a light bounce and an impressive vocal. On “Craboon,” things get a little bit more active with some sexy female vocal stabs and a light deep-house production with a little ambience thrown in. Great stuff for your chilled weekend parties.
– Phil Turnipseed

“Summer Soul” EP
Rebel Hill
Let’s not waste anytime here as d-T3ch drop a deep, funky, soulful EP that features four tracks—with the title cut being the pick here. “Summer Soul” has a haunting female vocal along with a gorgeous deep-house groove. But it’s that sick “DustyFruit Remix” that’ll get DJs worked up. Delivering a bouncy tech-house vibe and a rugged bass, some of the original elements are still here, but the groove remains perfect for a late-night jam.
– Phil Turnipseed

“If You Try”
Escape Committee feat. Charmaine
Pole Position
Escape Committee gets loose with this soulful vocal and seven outstanding mixes. And yes, we do love all the mixes, but make sure you check the deep and elegant “Soulplate ReRub” and “ReDub.” Also, check out the meaty “Michael McLardy Remix” and the dirty, techy “Matt McLarrie Remix.” And check out the soulful vocals from Charmaine—hot stuff.
– Phil Turnipseed

“Number One” (Remixes)
Bralli Records
Miniboy (aka Jason Bralli) and his label continue to shape the sound of Brazilian house music. There’s a minimal ragga vocal that gives the track some bite, but mixes give this cut all the juice it needs. Check “Bralli’s Remix,” a tough, tech-house gem with a seductive, dirty groove. We’re also digging the rugged “Attarii Remix” and the funky “Rafael Rezende Remix.”
– Phil Turnipseed

“Go Crazy”
Daniel Bovie & Roy Rox
Versuz Essentials
Featuring the hip-hop rhythms of C. Reid, this one’s a genuine floor-burner. Simply put, “Go Crazy” drops a storming house groove—no gimmicks, no hefty samples, just class.
– Curtis Zack