DJ Times Nexus Radio Episode 005: Mixed by PeaceTreaty

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After originally starting as two friends in Southern California coming together to simply jam out, PeaceTreaty evolved into a project far beyond its members’ imaginations. After signing with Dim Mak records and releasing a series of singles and remixes that gained support from dance music superstars, the boys split a year ago following a falling out. Luckily, the pair has reunited, kicking off its relaunch with the release of its new single “Titus.”

For their Nexus Radio guest mix, the boys of PeaceTreaty have delivered a 30-minute explosion of electro drops, big bass, and stunning vocal house. Listen to the mix via our Soundcloud and check out our chat with member Angelo Patino-Patroni below.

DJ Times: Your single “Titus” was just released. What was the inspiration for the festival-ready track?
Angelo: We wanted to do something a little different but still make a track with a lot of energy that our fans will be used to. After working on the track for some time it just came out as this heavy, hard-hitting tune and it has a rock’n’roll feel to it which comes from both of our backgrounds loving rock and metal growing up.

DJ Times: You two recently reunited after a falling out a while back. What was behind the decision to get back together?
Angelo: We decided to get back in the studio and have a few sessions to work on some music. We each had tons of new material almost ready to go, including old songs we were working on prior to the break. Things just clicked again. We both have grown as producers and musicians, so the collaboration effort is much easier now. We both agreed that we owed it to our fans to finish what we started. I think the electronic music scene is in need of some new fresh music.

DJ Times: What’s different this time around when it comes to creative approaches?
Angelo: This time around we are working more as a collaborative effort; we each have our own ideas. We will start projects and then meet up to work on them together and finish up tracks. When we first started, we kind of just threw ideas around and then worked with whatever stuck since everything was so new and fresh. This time around, we have more time to fine tune ideas and really work on tracks that we both love, since we have both improved.

DJ Times: How did you first catch the attention of Dim Mak records?
Angelo: I believe that we first got their attention when our friend Dan Oh sent Steve Aoki a couple of our tracks. We also had entered a couple remix competitions for some Dim Mak tracks. We then sent over our first EP Cal Sate Anthem to Steve and the rest is history.

DJ Times: How did you first come together to start making music?
Angelo: We met in high school and have always been friends. After a few years in college, we both came back to our hometown. One day after a party, Josh asked to me come jam out in the studio and make some music. I had an extensive musical background and Josh had a lot of experience producing (while I was just beginning). It was easy to bring our ideas to life, and we just started pumping out tracks and remixes that people seemed to enjoy.

DJ Times: Which came first, DJing or producing? Which do you both prefer?
Angelo: Producing came first for me. I have always been a performer but mostly performing with bands or in different musicals or solo acts. I learned how to DJ after we started producing PeaceTreaty tracks; Sam and Josh showed me the ropes. It’s hard to choose which I prefer. I love creating music, but I also love being on stage entertaining people. If I really had to choose, I would pick DJing because to me the hours we spend in the studio are only worth it if we get to meet our fans and perform for them live.

DJ Times: What else is in the pipeline for PeaceTreaty?
Angelo: Right now, we are focusing a lot of time into producing our new original tunes. We have a lot ready to go and are planning each of the releases right now. Each track we have is unique in its own way and we are very excited to get them out there. We also have a few collaborations in the works with some of our favorite producers and friends. After we release some more music, we will get back on the road to meet up with our fans out there.