DJ Times Nexus Radio Episode 002: Mixed by Coyu

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As a producer, DJ, and head honcho of the kitten-loving Suara, Coyu very likely has nine lives. Hailing from Barcelona, Spain, the multi-faceted artist has made Suara one of the most successful labels in underground dance music, with each release tearing up clubs across the world and featuring surrealist cat artwork.

This week, Coyu provides us with an exclusive guest mix for the second installment of DJ Times Nexus Radio ahead of a rare US performance at the debut Mysteryland US.  In his set, Coyu drops an entrancing mix of house, techno, and tech house coming from a smattering of eclectic labels, including Defected, Ovum, Turbo, and his very own Suara. Buckle in, press play, and check out our talk with the DJ about his US appearances, new BOOOM Ibiza residency, and—of course—cats.

DJ Times: You’re performing at the inaugural Mysteryland US this weekend. What are you looking forward to most about the performance?
Coyu: It’s my first time in USA since March 2011. I had some problems getting my US work permit so I haven’t had the chance to perform there for a while. I’m very excited to play in a huge festival like Mysteryland full of great artists around. The stage where I’m gonna play—The Big Top—is insane! Dubfire, Joris Voorn, Pan-Pot, and Booka Shade: love it.

DJ Times: You recently announced a 17-week Suara residency at BOOOM Ibiza. What can fans expect from the event week in and week out?
Coyu: It’s our first time doing a big thing in Ibiza and I have to say it’s a lot of work, but we’re very enthusiastic and everybody is working hard to offer something good. You will find quality artists playing anything from house to techno and from techno to house—our lineups will be very eclectic—and cats, a lot of cats. We will try to give them a proper Suara experience.

DJ Times: What are the biggest challenges of maintaining a career as a touring DJ and running Suara?
Coyu: It’s not easy to find the balance and do everything at the same time. Running a label like Suara where we release a record per week from top artists and make every record a success plus trying to have time to spend in the studio is not easy. I wanted to finish my first album before start the summer season so we would have enough time to work on the post-production and promotion after the summer and release it in the first months of 2015, but that’s impossible now. I don’t time to work in the studio right now. A fully booked month touring around the World (my next gigs are in London, New York, Ibiza, Seoul, Barcelona, Ljubljana, Paris before heading back to the States and Canada) and the weekly party in Ibiza—every Wednesday from June 4 till Sept 24—makes everything even more difficult. But this is what I want to do. Suara has to be one of the biggest brands of the electronic music scene so we have to start to do big things.

DJ Times: Why cats?
Coyu: Because I love them. Although there is a more important reason: my girlfriend is feline vet. Now you know why.

DJ Times: You’re working on a mysterious project with Moby. What can you reveal about it?
Coyu: Who is Moby? Just joking. He’s my favorite producer ever, 18 and Play are my favorite albums ever. Doing something with him was always a kind of dream. I’m very happy with my forthcoming records; big things are coming. That’s all that I can say for now.

DJ Times: How’s work on your debut artist album coming along?
Coyu: Slowly. I don’t have too much time to spend in the studio, so unfortunately this project is going to take a bit longer than I first imagined. Anyway, I prefer to do it like this; it’s my first album so it’s really important to me. I want to express many things with my album and I don’t want to rush it. But I can say it’s going to be quite special. Only my very close friends know the direction of the album. It’s going be very different than anything I have done in the past. It won’t be 12 club tracks because that’s not how I understand an album should be presented.

DJ Times: You just released the That’s Not Happening EP with Ramiro Lopez on Bedrock. What went into the EP and what was working on it like?
Coyu: Ramiro Lopez is one of my best friends in the electronic music scene. We speak everyday about music and life. He’s not only a music partner but also one of the most easygoing persons I’ve met (in good way, of course). It’s impossible to have troubles with him. It’s also very easy to work with him, even when we live in different cities and we have to work with Dropbox sending files. That’s Not Happening is a 4-track EP that we released a few days ago on John Digweed’s label Bedrock as a follow-up to my first remix with them, “Matter Of Time.” John has played the tracks of that EP for months and months in almost every single show. The lead track “That’s Not Happening” got hyped in a few countries, especially in South America. It’s music for the club, a mix between house and techno; just how I like it. I’m very eclectic so when I sit in the studio I never know how the project is going to turn out. Deep or powerful sounds? Techno or house? I have no idea. It’s all about fun. And cats.

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