DJ Times Nexus Radio 008: Mixed by Le Castle Vania

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Although he originally hails from Atlanta, GA, Dylan Eiland’s musical output has had little influence from the Dirty South. Since adopting the moniker Le Castle Vania, Eiland has created a discography of high-octane electro house bangers that have caught the eyes of even America’s Best DJ 2013 Kaskade—who commissioned an official remix of his track “Turn It Down.” His live sets are similarly action-packed, with an assault of heavy bass and unstoppable energy.

Now, he’s coming off the release of his Feels Like Fire EP earlier this summer as well as an EP on deadmau5’ Mau5trap imprint last year. We connected with the DJ/producer to talk about his new projects, and he delivered a scorching electro house Nexus Radio guest mix. Catch his mix and our chat with him below:

DJ Times: Your new EP is definitely a departure from the aggressive electro of your earlier releases. What were your inspirations during the creation of the EP?
Dylan Eiland: Well for me it’s not really a departure, it’s just more of a progression that shows some of the different directions that my tastes and musical style have expanded into. From my perspective, I’ve always written all kinds of music, and I have tons of music that isn’t on that aggressive tip. I think I’ve just become known for the harder stuff and my high-energy DJ sets. That said, I tried to give this EP a balance of some of the aggressive, high-energy parts by including moments showing some of the other sides of my musicality. More and more these days I’ve been really getting into the art of songwriting, not just making tracks. So with this particular EP, I was really exploring a lot with writing with vocalists and trying to write songs that could still be played on the dancefloor but that could also reach music fans that aren’t necessarily “dance music fans” per se I definitely haven’t abandoned my love of hard-hitting electronic music by any means. In fact, I definitely think the opening track “Nobody Gets Out Alive Part 2” is one of the most full-on, hard-hitting songs I’ve every made.

DJ Times: You got your start in Atlanta. How do the electronic music and rave scenes differ there from the rest of the world’s?
Eiland: Culturally, Atlanta is a really interesting place with a really unique blend of people, so with that of course comes an interesting mix of musical influences and stuff like that. At the same time, I’ve gotten to travel around the world and play shows at venues and festivals all over. One thing that it I’ve definitely gathered from those experiences is that people everywhere just want to have a good time and party when it comes to nightlife and music.

DJ Times: How did you get your start in production and DJing?
Eiland: It really just stemmed from a love and interest in music. I started messing around with turntables and MIDI gear back when I was 16 before I even owned a computer. I never had any formal music training or anything like that; over the years I just became more and more passionate about learning as much as I can about music production, music theory, engineering, and songwriting.

DJ Times: You’ve gotten support in the past from big names of dance, including deadmau5 and Kaskade. Have those relationships opened up any doors career-wise?
Eiland: Oh yeah, of course. I can’t really point to any one instance where I can say specifically something happened because one of those guys backed me or threw me a nod; it’s more of just a general thing that can help to lead to other opportunities. I’m super thankful for that sort of support from them and the other artists who have supported me. It really means more to me than I can put into words. One, because their support has been a huge help to my career, but also because I have a lot of respect for those guys as artist. Of course, getting a little respect from guys you look up to always feels really good.

DJ Times: What else do you have in store for the rest of the year?
Eiland: Man. A lot! I’m just finishing up doing some scoring work on my first feature film. I’m wrapping up an EP for a side project that I’m doing with my good friend Blake Miller who is the singer of a cool band called Moving Units. I’ve been working on some new music with my homie Trinidad James, a pretty well known rapper and songwriter from Atlanta, and I’ve also already started writing for my next Le Castle Vania release. Basically, I’m just really focused on releasing new music both in the form of my traditional Le Castle Vania sound and in the form of all kinds of other sounds that I’ve been exploring.

Le Castle Vania – Nobody Gets Out Alive Part II – Always Never
Dyro – Sounds Like – Revealed
Quintino & Blasterjaxx – Puzzle – Doorn – Doorn / Spinnin
Bassjackers & Jordy Dazz – Battle – Doorn / Spinnin
Le Castle Vania – Disintegration Feat Ming & Lena Wolf) Mau5trap
Far Too Loud – Boom! – No Tomorrow
Le Castle Vania – Come Together Feat. Mariana Bell – Always Never
Neoteric & Wax Motif – Go Deep (Torro Torro Remix) – Dim Mak
Le Castle Vania – Raise The Dead (Botnek Remix) – Mau5trap
Le Castle Vania – Play Loud (Play Louder Version) – Always Never
Vitalic – Stamina (Le Castle Vania Remix) – Different
Dyro – Black Smoke – Revealed
Kaskade – Turn It Down (Le Castle Vania Remix) – Ultra
Le Castle Vania – Part Of Me Feat. Crywolf & Alyssa Palmer – Always Never