DJ Three Launches Hallucienda Imprint & Announces First Release

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After a ten year run with Hallucination Limited, DJ Three has dissolved the imprint to form his brand-new Hallucienda label. The new imprint will operate using a unique release strategy: singles will be vinyl-only while compilations and artist albums will be available digitally.

The enigmatic American DJ/producer will curate and collate Hallucienda like Hallucination Limited before it, and the label’s first release will be the nine-track Phono Obscura compilation. The artists on the compilation represent the initial Hallucienda roster, and include Lock Smith, Reverse Commuter, and The Bystanders.

Phono Obscura is set for release on October 7. Preview the Radio Slave remix of Reverse Commuter’s “New York To Me” below via the label’s new Soundcloud profile.