DJ Says "Cheese," Revenue up 20%

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Recession? Bah!

DJ Mike Fernino isn’t buying it. “I’ve heard most of my colleagues complain that 2009 was a bad year, but my company had a great year and 2010 looks even better.”

The reason?

“We added services, and then we used social media to promote and upsell to our existing customer base.”

Sounds simple. But how’s this for simple: DJ Mike claims his income in 2009 was up 20-percent, even while his bookings were down 10-percent. That’s the kind of math we actually like.

“The secret was in our expansion away from being ‘just a DJ,’” he says. “I became an event producer, offering so much more than just music, and our biggest impact was felt from the addition of up-lighting or ‘architectural’ lighting. This quickly took off and accounted for a huge impact in our bottom-line, while other upgrades included multimedia, monogram lighting, invitations and even a Photo Booth. It wasn’t just about selling to new customers anymore, but up-selling to the existing base.”

Mike says the addition of a Photo Booth was probably the biggest revenue enhancer, while architectural lighting—used to illuminate the walls of a facility from the ground up—has enabled him to set his company apart.

“Everyone loves pictures, and our Photo Booth allows us to provide extra entertainment to our clients and their guests,” he says. “To me, the booth was a natural fit for my company, providing true entertainment and not just photos. And at the same price as my weddings, it provides a nice profit.

“Meanwhile, state-of-the-art LED systems allow us to custom-create any color in the full spectrum. A monogram or gobo light allows us to project an image on a dancefloor or wall—usually with the bride and groom’s name and wedding date. This effect brings a personal touch to any event, and that’s what my clients are looking for.

“Clearly, during these times an entertainer must be an event producer and not just a DJ if they want to make a substantial profit. Add up these upgrades, and you can make a huge dent in your annual gross sales.”