DJ Recalls Younger, Svelter Facebook

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close up of the social network star eisenberg
Facebook, circa 2005 A.D.

Ah, when Facebook was young…Vincent Velasquez remembers. He was a student at Rutgers in 2005 when Facebook arrived on campus, and it not only changed his social life, it seeded his future—as co-owner of Hurricane Productions.

“In my fall semester, in 2005, Rutgers got Facebook,” he says. “We were one of the first public schools on the east coast to get it, and October of my freshman year, everyone in my dorm was on it.

“At the time, my partner Strato [Doumanis] and I were in the early stages of Hurricane Productions, and we knew Facebook was a way that we could post photos of things we were doing—there were no fan pages, or business pages, or groups. We put stuff on our profile page and made photo albums. That’s how we ramped it up. We knew we had to control our own story, no one’s going to cover us, no magazines, no newspapers, no TV stations, but we knew people wanted to see themselves. So we thought we could do that and piggyback on the Facebook idea…

“When he first saw Facebook, Vincent knew it would be a great way to get to know everybody in his grade. “You go to a school where there are 6,000 people your age, and you don’t get to meet everybody…I went around, pledged a fraternity and networked, and my friend list grew…it was awesome, when the fan pages were introduced we jumped in there immediately and posted photo albums, and now we have 100 albums, and 40 some-odd videos, all from parties that we’ve done.

“Facebook was the way that we ramped up our Internet marketing.”

Velasquez will be moderating a New Media seminar at the 2011 DJ Expo….