DJ Pauly D "Smashes it," Hangs a Pair

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MTV’s “Jersey Shore,” gel, nipples & DJ Times

Forgive our exploitative post of such a skin and sand photo, but we’ve gone J-Woww, and it’s still winter here in New York, so we can dream, can’t we? And let’s face it: Exploitation can net some DJs $10,000 or more per appearance–like DJ Pauly D from MTV’s “Jersey Shore,” who we met up with last week.

A night in Wantagh, Long Island, should never be confused with a Saturday in Vegas—although what happens in Wantagh, well, probably still stays in Wantagh.

But Pauly D made the most of it at Mulcahy’s Pub & Concert Hall last week. In fact, when we caught up pre-show with the famously gelled and coifed reality-show personality, he was asked to describe his upcoming set. His response? “I’m gonna smash it.”

Turns out, he didn’t have to work too hard. The crowd—a good 75-percent female—was already smashed. Shots? Yes, there were plenty, and well before Pauly broke out LMFAO’s title tune from the TV show on his Serato set-up. And prior to concluding his open-format set with a Black Eyed Peas remix, his MC had brought up a trio of tipsy gals onstage, who got their collective freak on.

A tossed pair of panties–he hung them from his laptop–and a nipple slip later, the short-skirted audience members snapped away with camera phones, swaying sloppily, but rarely dancing. Certainly, that was never the point—they were there to ogle Pauly. Of course, as Warren Zevon once sang, “His hair was perfect.”