DJ Muggs’: Bass for Your Face

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Most casual music fans know DJ Muggs for the massive hip-hop hits he produced for Cypress Hill and House of Pain in the 1990s. In fact, HOP’s “Jump Around” remains a reliable party starter—from nightclubs to catering halls and sports arenas.

“I constantly experiment
with sounds like The

Beatles and Led Zeppelin.”

These days, Muggs has turned a bit of a musical corner as he, like much of America, has begun to feel the bass. In the past few months, he’s dropped the self-released “Sound Boy Killa” EP and Bass for Your Face (Ultra Music)—both boombastic efforts, with the latter featuring cameos from MCs Chuck D, Dizzy Rascal and Danny Brown.
We connected with LA-based DJ Muggs—aka Lawrence Muggerud, 45—for a quick talk about his latest sub-rocking productions.

DJ Times: How did this musical evolution happen for you?
Muggs: First, it comes from being a fan of anything and everything good, traveling and constantly looking for new sounds and styles of music to play in my sets, along with seeking new challenges and inspiration to push my musical boundaries. I constantly experiment with sounds—like The Beatles and Led Zeppelin. I have many sides and I never want to live or create from a one-dimensional point of view. That would be a miserable existence.

DJ Times: So, how would you yourself describe the sounds of this newer material?
Muggs: The sound is hip hop in spirit, with elements of dub, reggae, glitch, electronica, dubstep, and hip hop all blended together.

DJ Times: Are there certain bass-music/dubstep DJ/producers that you’re digging these days?
Muggs: I dig 6Blocc because his shit is raw and underground. I like Bassnectar because he plays the game with no rules. I dig Eprom, Flying Lotus, Daedalus, and The Gaslamp Killer for their forward, progressive styles and for always pushing the envelope.

DJ Times: Let’s head into your production…

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