DJ Jazzy Jeff Will Help You with Your Taxes

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jazzy jeff
H&R Block-rockin beats

Jazzy Jeff, legendary provocateur behind the decks, Godfather of the transformer scratch, pop culture icon with that Smith fellow, and now–a tax deduction.

Not that anyone’s written him off before.

Of course, we’re talking about the  DJ Expo, from August 16-19 at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, where the legendary Jazzy will give the keynote address. He will join the ranks of Expo keynote alums Grandmaster Flash and Qbert, and that guy Larry who kinda smelled like Henry the 8th.

And, as you’re well aware, since expenses incurred while attending the Expo are tax deductible—air travel expenses, train, bus or car between your home and the Expo, admission—that means Jazzy Jeff will have an impact on your bottom line, even if his legendary transformer scratching hasn’t.

Also deductible are taxis, commuter bus and airport limousines, baggage and shipping costs for samples or display materials, lodging and meals, cleaning, telephone and tips.

That include booze? Well, sure: expenses for meals include all amounts spent for food, beverages, taxes and tips. The tax deduction for meals, labeled by the IRS as “entertainment,” is generally limited to 50% of the amount actually spent. But if you drink twice the amount you normally would, it’ll work to your financial advantage. It just might not be good for your marriage.

And if you do wish to bring along the spouse? If you pay $115 per night for a double room, and a single room costs $90 per night, you can only deduct the $90. Same goes if the spouse you’re with is someone else’s spouse.

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