DJ Expo will Catapult your Career—like Lady Gaga's

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We’ll make the claim, sure, and shamelessly so. When Lady Gaga performed at the DJ Expo in 2008 at the House of Blues—brought at the insistence of Akon—she was a fixture on New York’s Lower East Side nightlife, but nowhere else. Her first album hadn’t dropped yet. Just months later, she was global. Today, well, we all know how big “big” can be in the new digital age, thanks to her.

“I recall that the DJs in the house groaned audibly when Akon forced a repeat of her performance,” says DJ Jason Hatch. “I also recall hearing many DJs claim that Gaga wasn’t going anywhere!”

“My wife and I were both there,” says DJ Jason Canaan. “I was thinking, ‘Who is this?’ and then BOOM!!!!”

Boom was “Just Dance,” the first single off her soon-to-be-released debut album, and the DJs took notice. Then she performed “Poker Face” and it was clear that she had won over the crowd.

“I tell that story to my friends a lot,” says DJ John Horne. “Who knew she was going to be this hot!”

“I missed it,” said DJ Scott Horn. “A more talented bunch was playing half hour away. They are called Radiohead. But kudos to you guys for having her there. Can’t wait to see who we will see this year!”

Radio-who? We feasted on Radio Ga Ga.