DJ Diplo: Twitter-er-er of the Week

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Of all the DJs using Twitter, we think Philly-bred Diplo—owner of indie label Mad Decent, half of Major Lazer with Switch, early adapter of the crunky dub pop rock mash up, and all around left-of-center dude—has used it most effectively. He’s spun at parties where he’s taken requests via Twitter, and he’s gained a following upwards of 85,000 with a sense of humor that we can only describe as wicked—or in the Twitterverse, twickid—with posts like these:

On the Bible:

just rocking some old testament.. I Chronicles just goes on for like 100 pages of wild ass names – mishmannah zadok & ibnijah in the house

book of job is mad boring

im into the part of book of ezra where it turns into a romantic comedy

On Halloween:

Home in LA. Gonna make a beat tonight that scares children away on holloween

On Entertainment:

I asked for 100 million dollars in interview mag to make an avatar style animated film about winndixie grocery clerk.. Fingers crossed

plenty of boobiez on boardwalk empire tonight

should i DL this new lil wayne LP… ? it will only take 3 days on this internet connection i have here

Yah lil dissapointed is my new rap name

Just realized Joy division and shabba ranx vocals are similar

On Travel:

im jamaica.. my tweets are gonna be boring for next coupla days because im just writing and writing and eating bananas, we ran outta rum

working on a wikitravel entry for Uranus

On Twitter:

Goin for a friend drive in oct. If i get 90k follower my mom said shed answer my fone calls again