How Globe-Trotting DJs Can Avoid Airport Agida

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X-ray image of blond haired woman
Embarrassed by airport x-rays? Us too.

Airport pat-downs too frequently lead to embarrassing situations, where security can confiscate your booze, power tools for sensual pleasures, your copy of the Federalist Papers, etc.

DJ Steve Lawler, a global house jock and not-so-friendly flier, has logged more miles than Neil Armstrong (the astronaut), and has absorbed a thing or two about the travails of travel.

“We don’t check luggage in any more,” he told us. “Even on a three-week tour, we pack light. I know some DJs that still check luggage—they must be insane! All that waiting? No! I really don’t like airports—they are like prisons inside shopping malls now. So to spend any more time there is the very last thing I want to do.”

A suggestion for Lawler and any other DJ looking to make life on the road more tolerable: Book a private jet. Or, any of these great examples from Travel & Leisure.

And then there’s the grub—the stuff they try to pass off as food but often leaves passengers longing for Guantanamo fare—or even Irish food.

“I never eat airplane food,” says Lawler. “Even in business class, it sometimes can be grim—generally, not good for you. I never go to an airport early to catch a flight.”

When Lawler touches down, his countenance soon morphs into something resembling satisfaction—especially if he’s in one of his three favorite destinations. “When we arrive, my tour manager always does sound/booth check before club opens,” he says. “I go and relax, maybe go through some music, or do some last-minute edits or write an intro for the night.”

Lawler’s three favorite clubs in which to park himself behind a Pioneer DJM-2000 mixer, three Pioneer CDJ-2000 players, Native Instruments Maschine, and Native Instruments X1 Controller?

1) Panorama Bar in Berlin. “It’s not just hype, as most clubs. This place is the real deal—amazing people.”

2) Arena Romana in Bucharest. “It’s not a club, it’s an old amphitheater and outdoor arena—a huge venue. Romania is my favorite country in which to perform.”

3) Space Car Park in Ibiza. “This only happens twice a year, for opening and closing of Space. In one word… special.”

Lawler also tells us he’s about to launch a new piece of equipment. For more, read the entire interview in DJ Times.