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Miami, Fla. – In case you’re a club DJ living under a rock and haven’t heard the news… Disclosure is on quite a roll these days.
Hailing from suburban London—Reigate, Surrey, to be exact—the young sibling duo Guy and Howard Lawrence broke relatively quickly. After one 2010 release, they really burst into the global dance-music consciousness two years later with a critically acclaimed sophomore EP, The Face (Greco-Roman), and their hybrid sound has resonated ever since.

Disclosure’s Lawrence Brothers Improved Upon a
Decade-Old Club Sound & Won Over
a Global

Armed with a retro-leaning musical toolkit, the brothers blend a throwback U.K.-garage sound with a touch of hip hop. They also give an ample nod to modern house music and maintain a distinct pop-vocalist sensibility. It’s obvious that the young lads know their dance-music history.
At only 18 and 21 years old—Howard’s the younger—the brothers represent a refreshing anomaly in today’s me-too dance music market, their success largely attributable to their careful revival of the past. Drawing unabashedly on late-1990s Speed Garage sounds, the Lawrence brothers have given the genre a reboot and a much-needed re-imagination, with each new single sounding more polished and even catchier than the last.
Adding somewhat to their fresh-factor is their insistence that they are not DJs first—they’re instead a live act supported by their original productions. When they do DJ sets, it’s typically “just for fun.”

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