Deadmau5 Extends Brand on Gossip Girls. Can you?

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Gossipmau5 (in back of limo)

Deadmau5, a.k.a. Joel Zimmerman, appeared on Gossip Girls last night. We weren’t watching it, but our little sister was and we happened to be walking by and we looked at the TV, and there was Joel playing “FLM.” It lasted for 20 seconds. We were like, Ha. We stopped watching this type of stuff when we were dating that girl who was all into 90210.

Thankfully, Rufus got back on Jenny’s good side. He talked to Eleanor and got Jenny a spot helping with the fashion show. While Eleanor thought giving Jenny a second chance to work for her was a good idea, she also gave her friend Agnes a second chance as well. Like, whatever.

The show is a sure-fire hit on the CW, with more than two million viewers, like our little sister. Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth and Lady Gaga have appeared on the show, although we didn’t watch those episodes either. In short, it’s a massive brand extension for Deadmau5—two million people, 20 seconds. Not bad, and not surprising coming from a DJ whose huge, two-eared persona is a great example of a personal branding technique, like Tom Wolfe’s white suit, Dagwood Bumstead’s bow tie, or that thing on Aaron Neville’s face.

How can you extend your brand without having a goiter attached to your neck, or donning a huge mouse head? There are other animals. No one’s tried DJing with a Llama head yet. But a better bet would be to begin managing your brand. First step: enter your DJ or company name into Google or Bing, and then learn how to evaluate the results with an online identity calculator.

Oh, and did you hear Vanessa purr to Dan last night, “You can rear me in my window?” Ew.