David Guetta Wants to Touch You

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David Guetta, hitmaker to the world.

David Guetta brings truthiness to pop music

We asked David Guetta, whose next single is expected to drop at the end of the month, and who’s been working in the studio with U2, what makes him happy—smashing success as a producer/hitmaker and the world at his doorstep, or DJing at a grimy warehouse, and keeping it real.

“Making tracks to play on the radio only, makes me not happy at all. Making tracks that are only being played by a few DJs is also not enough for me. I wanna take that club culture and make it bigger. I love that. I’m not changing my music. I’m just trying to make that music and make media and people understand that they can be touched by it, even if they’re not proper clubbers. What is pop music? Kanye is pop in an urban way, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not quality or not true. Nobody can doubt that Beyoncé is one of the best R&B artists in the world, but she’s also pop. I’m trying to achieve something similar. Saying that this is similar, I’m trying to bring dance music to people.

“This whole thing right now around me, I see stadium shows, I do concert halls, and my management and my record company people are like, ‘David, you need to go live and to come with that huge live show!’ But I really don’t like that. What makes me happy is to DJ in clubs. I was touring with my tour manager and my international agent, and I was doing a warehouse party in the U.K., and it was a dirty venue and the lighting system was not good, but the sound system was amazing. I was like, ‘You don’t understand! This is what makes me happy.’ DJing is what I love. For me, DJing is what always makes me happy.”