David Guetta's Keys to Success

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David Guetta, world famous disk jockey and producer

David Guetta

We’re always asked by readers, “Hey DJ Times, how do I get to be a globe-trotting DJ, and charge $5,000 per gig, with travel and hotel included, and a limo to the event, with free drinks, with Chaka Khan as my assistant?”

Well, it ain’t easy. The availability of Chaka Khan is questionable. But we asked David Guetta, who’s pulling upwards of $60,000 per gig (“Fu** Me I’m Rich”), to chime in, and this is what he told us.

“Unfortunately, things have changed a lot. When I started, being a DJ was about being a DJ. Now, if you have no productions, it’s very difficult to build a name. The only advice I can give to someone who wants to DJ on an international level is to produce. It shouldn’t be like this, because for me, it’s two different jobs. But it’s the way the market is. There’s one thing to get a reputation as a new DJ. Before being a great producer, you can get a reputation out of great bootlegs. There’s a possibility to get your name out there by making some amazing bootlegs and sending them to big DJs who are gonna listen and maybe play them.”

So there you have it.