Dark Soul: Marco Bailey on New EP & 25th Anniversary

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Marco Bailey is an artist with little need for elaborate introductions. With well over two decades of musical experience under his belt, the Belgian DJ/producer has cemented his place as a techno legend. A steady stream releases over the years proved himself as a studio virtuoso in addition to his undeniable skills behind the decks, capable of taking clubbers on a groove-fueled journey to the electronic music stratosphere and beyond.

Bailey just wrapped up a quick US tour that included stops at Miami’s Treehouse, Philadelphia’s Rumor, and Brooklyn’s Output nightclub. Bailey caught up with DJ Times ahead of his New York City performance to catch up about his two labels, new EP, and his 25th anniversary in the industry.

DJ Times: There’s a sinister and dark atmosphere running through your new “Dark Soul / Rough Abused” EP. What inspired the release and what went into the creation of it?
Marco Bailey: All tracks that I create for my new label MBR Limited have a darker and deeper atmosphere then the ones I am doing on my other label MB Electronics or Intec and Drumcode. That’s why I created that label. For MBR Limited, 90% of the tools I’m using are only analog synths.

DJ Times: How do you split your time between touring and producing? Do you do any of it while on the road?
Bailey: Yes, I create lots of ideas on my computer while traveling on the plane most of the time. I don’t finish them; this I do when I’m back at home in my studio.

DJ Times: You’re currently in the midst of a US tour. What’s it like playing here?
Bailey: I like playing in US a lot lately, especially in New York City. It’s a great club scene at the moment; clubs like Output and Pacha are amazing to play to me!

DJ Times: Does playing in the US affect what you play?
Baiey: I am not changing my style much if I play in the US, Europe, or Asia. It actually only depends on the set times I’m doing. If I have a chance to play five or six hours, I have the chance to play a much bigger and nicer variation of music than when I only have one or two hours time like at most festivals.

DJ Times: This year saw you celebrating your 25th anniversary in the industry. Dance music is sometimes characterized as being fickle and trend-based. What do you think has contributed to your longevity?
Bailey: A lot of dedication and sacrifice.

DJ Times: What should aspiring DJs do to maintain success?
Bailey: Go and play many times in places and build up relations with crowds. Also, give the full 100% of yourself each and every time at every gig or show you play.

DJ Times: With 2014 coming to a close, what were some of your favorite releases and artists to play in your sets?
Bailey: So many great tunes from this year. My favorites were: Marc Romboy’s “Iceland (Laurent Garner Remix),” Benjamin Damage’s “Up” on 50 Weapons, my own release “Aubach” on MB Electronics, the Flug Remix on MBR of my track “Injection” on MBR, but I also like some deeper tunes like David August’s “Epikur” on Innervisions and Hotel Lauer’s “QD” on Robert Johnson label. Those were for me highlights of nice tunes for me in 2014, but the highlight was Syro by Aphex Twin on Warp Records!

DJ Times: What were some of your favorite clubs or gigs this year?
Bailey: Mandarin Park in Buenos Aires, Argentina by far was the absolute greatest gig for me, followed by Tomorrowland in my own Belgium, Dreambeach Festival in Spain, I Love Techno in Belgium, Pacha in NYC, ageHa in Tokyo, & Space Ibiza for Carl Cox’s great night!

DJ Times: Are there any projects you have planned for 2015?
Bailey: Yes, a lot! We’re going to show off a new concept of events. Five or six minimum next year, including Spain, Belgium, Tokyo, and hopefully Miami for Winter Music Conference and then Germany and Holland too. More info is coming soon! I’ll also have a new release on my label MB Electronics with a massive remix of US legend Joey Beltram and three or four new releases on my new label MBR Limited, as well as a new track on Adam Beyer’s great Drumcode label!

Listen to “Dark Soul” below and go to MarcoBailey.com for more information.