Danny Howard Rides The Airwaves to US Debut

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New York CityOver the past two years, Danny Howard has gone from unknown to dance-radio powerhouse. Since winning BBC Radio 1’s Superstar DJ competition in 2011, Howard has gone on to host his weekly Dance Anthems program on the station as well as gaining backing from Paul Oakenfold and Judge Jules. Now, however, he’s aiming for global reach with a new Sirius XM radio show and a debut U.S. performance in New York. We caught up with the British DJ/producer to talk about his debut US appearance at Pacha NYC tonight, having Paul Oakenfold as a mentor, and his new single with Futuristic Polar Bears.

DJ Times: You’re making your debut U.S. appearance tonight at NYC’s Pacha nightclub opening for Paul Oakenfold. What are you looking forward to most about the show?
Howard: Pacha New York is such a legendary venue; I’ve heard about the long list of DJs who have played there. It’s an honor and privilege to share the same decks, so to speak. There’s also a lot of hype and buzz for the show tonight, and it’s just always a pleasure to play with Paul.

DJ Times: In addition to playing and collaborating with Oakenfold, he also manages with you. How did you guys meet and what kind of guidance has he given you?
Howard: I think I was just in the right place at the right time when I met Paul in Ibiza two years ago. Even though he’s been all over the world, he’s very patriotic when it comes to having an opportunity to get behind someone from his home country. After meeting him, he’s taken me under his wing and has been supportive ever since.

DJ Times: In addition to your weekly Dance Anthems BBC Radio 1 program in the UK, you now host a weekly US Sirius XM program called Nothing Else Matters. Has the new audience changed the way you approach programming the show?
Howard: I’m not under the strict guidelines of the BBC when I’m doing this show because I broadcast at a later time. I can be a lot more experimental with it. It’s aimed to be a snapshot of what’s big in the U.K. as far as dance music goes. Dance music is almost synonymous with the U.K., so it’s a really exciting project to bring to the U.S. airwaves.

DJ Times: How did your new single “Thundergod” with Futuristic Polar Bears come about?
Howard: Futuristic Polar Bears are from the same area as me, and we’ve got the same objectives when it comes to music, so it only made sense for us to do a collaboration together.

DJ Times: What’s your set tonight going to be like? Is there a specific genre you tend to lean toward when playing?
Howard: No, definitely not. I have no idea what I’m going to play yet. The beauty of never pre-planning a set is being able to read the crowd and create a mood to keep everyone having a good time. Sometimes I’ll go from straight-up house to progressive and electro, as well as going a bit deeper to experiment and push-and-pull the crowd.

Danny Howard Presents Nothing Else Matters airs every Saturday at 8 PM EST on BPM (Sirius XM Channel 51). Stream “Thundergod” below. For more information, go to DJDannyHoward.com.

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