Dance.Here.Now: Sander K @ NYC’s Cielo

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Sander K: A trip to funkytown.

Sander K: A trip to funkytown.

New York City—This is Sander Kleinenberg?

Sander’s 5K sounds hit Cielo in Manhattan this past Thursday night, and they threw me for a bit of a loop. Hosted by the always colorful Dance.Here.Now crew, the evening’s beats were a bit more varied and perhaps a little less bangin’ than what was anticipated.

First Up: Calling All Women! Cielo is a spectacular house-music club—and it is full of men. It would be enormously generous to say that last night’s ratio was 80/20. Please ladies, get thee to a dancefloor!

Back to the Beats: Sander hit the decks around 1 a.m. with a low-key, male-vocal house track. Thanks to DJ Lars from DVJ Vision who provided the DVJ-1000 rental units, visuals of wild animals flashed across the screen behind the text, “Let Me Tell You Why You’re Here” and then “Disappear” Woof! (A PSA, perhaps, for endangered species?)

Instead of taking things proggy, Sander took the road to funkytown and started dropping disco tracks and then quickly segued into the best remix of Cassius’ “The Sound of Violence” this gal’s ever heard.

Kleinenberg veered tweaky and then started hitting harder for a brief moment around 2 a.m. “This sounds more like Derrick Carter than Sander,” remarked my +1. He was correct.

By halfway through the set, half of the men who had previously populated the dancefloor had moved on. Though he wasn’t hitting as hard as expected, it’s difficult to go wrong with Cielo’s sweet-as-molasses Funktion-One speakers. After he dropped the indisputable fave, Inner City’s “Good Life,” it was decided that leaving on a high note was the way to go.

Thanks for the change-up, Sander.

– Natalie Raben