Cristoph Discusses Opening For Eric Prydz during EPIC 5.0, His Pryda Presents Debut & More

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If you’ve caught the attention of the legend that is Eric Prydz, your name is certainly going to send ripples throughout the electronic scene and that certainly seems to be the case when it comes to the Newcastle based artist, Cristoph.

Still buzzing from his opening set during Prydz’s historic EPIC 5.0 performance and his latest original “Feel” being the debut release of the Swedish icon’s new imprint,Pryda Presents, we decided to chat with one of the hottest names in the game to get to know this blossoming talent a little better.

DJ Times: When were you first introduced to the world of electronic music?
Cristoph: Growing up I was exposed to music at a very young age. My dad was a Dj and was constantly playing music in the house, as was my Mam, brother and sister. However it was the Detroit techno and Chicago house coming from my brothers technics 1210’s that really caught my attention. As I grew a little older I found myself really getting into progressive house, trance melodies and 80’s music and my passion really started to grow from there.

DJ Times: What is it that made you fall in love with the underground house scene?
Cristoph: Although I listened to sets of my brother djing, compilation cd’s etc I never actually knew what the scene waslike. That all changed first when I came across a channel on sky which used to air parts of nights from club nights like Slinky and from venues around the uk. Granted the music was a bit harder than what I mainly enjoyed but to see the dj’s create that sort of euphoria had me hooked. At the age of 15/16 my brother and sister used to sneak me in to a night at home called Shindig. It was here I fully got to witness and experience what the scene was fully about. It was those nights which cemented in my mind that all I wanted to be was a

DJ Times: What came first for Cristoph: DJing or production?
Cristoph: Djing for sure. I have only been producing about 5 years or so now. I realized it was something I needed to learn in order to reach my goals and follow my dreams.

DJ Times: How did you first connect with Eric Prydz?
Cristoph: It was at the second show he put on for James Lilo in LA at Sound nightclub. I was fortunate to be able to warm up for him that night and I had seen he had played my track ‘Catsy’ on a recent EPIC Radio show so I decided to end on it in the hope of it creating a conversation between us both. It did and the relationship has grown from there.

DJ Times: What was it like opening for Eric at his EPIC 5.0?
Cristoph: Both completely daunting an extremely surreal. I originally had a ticket to go, then after the LA show that I mentioned before his team said if I was to go then to chill backstage with them. This soon changed to them asking me to play. It was an absolute honour for me to play that show, something I will never forget, and also for me to be able to see the show after really was a dream come true.

DJ Times: Your latest original “Feel” was the debut release for Prydz’ new label Pryda Presents, that had to be some nerve-rattling news.
Cristoph: Again I was honoured to be given that opportunity. To have someone I class as a major inspiration, an icon/hero of mine have the faith in me to give me the inaugural release on their brand new label truly was a proud moment. I’ve been sat on the record for quite a while, Jem’s vocal is stunning and I was very protective over where it would end up. When I showed Eric the track he instantly asked for it and spoke about the new project of Pryda Presents and how he wants me heavily involved. It was then I knew it was the right move for me.

DJ Times: What’s your production process and studio set-up?
Cristoph: I literally just go into the studio and write what I’m feeling that day. It’s in a spare room in my house so I have the luxury of jumping in there whenever I get an idea. If I’m touring I will start penciling ideas down on my laptop and then finish them up when I return home. I try to average 2-4 tracks a month. It was more a while back but I’m trying to make my records more complex and when you’re on the road for weeks at a time it does get difficult. I just want to keep learning and progressing as an artist.

I use Ableton for my DAW, although Eric has recently been making me want to try out Logic so I think I will give that a go in the upcoming weeks/months when I go out and buy it. Hardware wise I have a moog sub37, Roland tr8, microkorg and a Korg ms20 mini. I went through a phase of getting into hardware but I have recently returned to mainly using software with Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 being my main ‘go to’ plugin.

DJ Times: What can we expect from Cristoph in the near future?
Cristoph: There will be more originals on Pryda Presents along with a remix of one of the Pryda back catalogue. I have 3 more shows at Hi, Ibiza alongside Eric. I have some great festivals such as Ultra Europe, Creamfields and Tomorrowland to play aswell as a lot of club shows around Europe. We are in talks to do some other great gigs and tours, one of which will be alongside Eric in North America towards the end of the year if it all gets finalized. Other than that I will be in the studio a lot writing music, continuing to learn and hopefully growing all round as an artist. I do have a lot more personal larger goals in my head but I’ll speak about those when the time is right.