Cosmic Gate’s American Jaunt

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In 2010, we caught Cosmic Gate raising the roof of Amsterdam’s massive Passenger Terminal during the “Synergy” event. Fast-forwarding a year, we found the German duo burning it up in closer confines—Manhattan’s esteemed Cielo club.

It was easy to see that, no matter the venue’s size, Cosmic Gate’s DJ set connected deeply with its deft mix of anthemic trance and techy bangers—pianos and vocals, then kickdrums and sirens, it all went down a storm.

As remixer/producers, the pair—Nic Chagall and DJ Bossi—has enjoyed support from global DJs for more than a decade now. As they returned to the States in support of their fifth artist album, Wake Your Mind (Black Hole), Cosmic Gate re-connected with DJ Times.

DJ Times: The new album has a good mix of realized melodic songs with vocals like “Be Your Sound” with Emma Hewitt and full-on club bangers like “The Theme.” Is that your aim?

Chagall: Exactly! An album gives us the possibility to show a wider range of music we stand for, to go from A-to-Z, a bigger scope of music that we like. It’s not as if we “only” produce singles that are made to work in the club. An album track, even if it’s electronic, can be more mellow and laid-back even—and this is what we want.

DJ Times: What’s the process in working with a vocalist like Emma Hewitt or JES?

Bossi: The last few years, we always wrote the music first and the singers wrote their lyrics on top. On Wake Your Mind, for the first time with Emma and JES, they came up with the lyrics and we produced the music after. This has worked so well, as both of them know how a vocal has to be structured to work on an EDM track. It sure will not be the last time we have worked this reverse way, compared to the albums before.

DJ Times: Did you have a more traditional musical background beyond club music?

Bossi: We have a very wide musical background starting in the late 1970s until today. It ranges from classic to club music, but it is nearly a bit of everything. Nic plays piano since he was eight-years-old, which helps a lot on the productions.

By Jim Tremayne

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