Controllerists Battle for Control of West Coast Championship

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Moldover: in control

The first-ever West Coast Championship Controller Battle takes place in San Francisco this Saturday, June 25th, and controller designers Novation will be showing their support. Do you have what it takes?

Controllersists from all over the country will be competing to see which routine will catch the judges’ attention and win them prizes and the prestige of holding the Championship title.

There will also be special performances from top-rated controllerist Moldover (pictured) and Ean Golden, as well as a guest appearance from Mochipet.

Novation will be attending the Digital Jam Lounge along with Ableton and other friends from the world of controllerism, with demos including Twitch, Launchpad and UltraNova.

Workshops commence from 8pm; the battle starts at 10pm.

For those who wish t know, Controllerism, “is the art and practice of using musical software controllers to build upon, mix, scratch, remix, effect, modify, or otherwise create music, usually by a Digital DJ or Controllerist.”

So, do you have what it takes to battle? Find out here.