Colorado DJ's iPhone App Fights Halitosis

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The days of barf-breathed barflies getting all up in your face to request a song may be over, according to one very wired Colorado DJ, who rigged a way to allow guests to make requests with an iPhone or iPod Touch. Bobby Sorden, owner of Sensational Sounds Professional DJ Service in Falcon, Colorado, just might have devised the most ingenious antidote to halitosis since the dawn of electrical tape.

Sorden’s idea only works if your guests download the free Apple Remote application from the App Store (iPod Touch users need an internet connection). “I purchased a wireless router for each of my three DJ systems and we use the wireless router as the access point to our laptop,” he told us.

With his music database loaded into iTunes, he uses iTunes DJ as a gateway to see the songs guests are requesting.

“Anyone with Wi-Fi can connect to this network,” he says. “Guests can go to the settings on their iPhone/iPod Touch and connect to our wireless router in the Wi-Fi settings. Once they are connected to our wireless router, they open the Remote App and they can see our music database and the playlist of songs on iTunes. They can vote on songs to get them moved up higher on the playlist or they can search our music database and request their own songs. As soon as they vote or request a song, we see it come up instantly in iTunes.”

Sorden’s eureka moment occurred while working his day job as a high school technology teacher. “At school dances, the students love that they can request songs right from the dancefloor and not have to leave the crowd to come up to the DJ booth,” he says, although he concedes that students sometimes resort to iChicanery. “We do get students at dances requesting Bach…”

But generally, with fewer students standing in line at the console requesting Lady GaGa or Berlioz, the jerry-rigged system makes it easier to DJ a school dance.

Sorden, who DJs with BPM Studio Professional, advertises this novelty on his website home page, and explains it to anyone who wants to hire him, and to anyone else who will listen. “Right now, this feature sets us apart from other DJ companies, but I’m certain it will catch on and then all DJ services will integrate it.”

Welcome to the new world odor. If this catches on, you will never again be distracted by visitors to your booth.