Classixx & Nancy Whang Are 'All You’re Waiting For' In New Video

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It’s hard to top a massive video billboard in Times Square when it comes to showcasing an album, but Classixx are trying in their new video for “All You’re Waiting For.” Taken from the group’s debut album Hanging Gardens, “All You’re Waiting For” features LCD Soundsystem’s Nancy Whang and is a low-key, French disco-bathed track packed with zig-zagging synths and a funk-driven bassline.

The song’s video, directed by Tim K and produced by Urban Outfitters as part of its Music Video Series, shows Whang living a life of excess aboard a luxury yacht. Big hats, flowing dresses, butlers, and martinis are all on display in the clip, with the nautical visuals matching the song’s breezy nature. The boys of Classixx also make a cameo as a pair of ship hands working in the yacht’s engine room.

Watch the video above, and read an interview with the group behind-the-scenes of the video here.

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