July 29, 2014

Chris Lawhorn’s Fugazi Edits

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Indie-rock fans haven’t heard brand-new material from Fugazi since the iconic quartet went on “indefinite hiatus” more than a decade ago. Through its Dischord Records website, the D.C.-based quartet did treat its followers to an amazing digital vault of live recordings in 2011, but that wasn’t enough for one DJ/fan.

Lawhorn’s Fugazi Faves
“Smallpox Champion” from In on the Kill Taker (1993): “Because of the chiming guitars at the end.”

“Long Distance Runner” from Red Medicine (1995): “Because the music matches the themes of the song so well.”

“Do You Like Me” from Red Medicine (1995): “Because it takes such a surprising turn at the outset.”

No, Chris Lawhorn—a sometime spring-break spinner from Fort Wayne, Ind.—had the idea to weave together instrumental passages of certain songs, creating a long-player of reimagined mixes called Fugazi Edits. And with the intention to donate proceeds to a variety of charities, he gained permission to use the song samples from the band itself. (The project is available via iTunes, Amazon and Lawhorn’s site—chrislawhorn.com/fugazi.) We caught up with Lawhorn to find out how it all happened.

DJ Times: What’s your DJ background?

Lawhorn: I’d been putting out rock and punk albums on my own label—Case/Martingale—since 1996. Then, I started DJing on South Padre Island in Texas for a spring-break company in 2004. In 2008, I started an 18-month stint as the resident DJ at Marie Claire magazine. When that wrapped, I started work on Fugazi Edits.

DJ Times: What did “resident-DJ” gig for Marie Claire entail?

Lawhorn: I overhauled the playlist section of their site and wrote a recurring column about music. I do the same the same now for Shape and The Huffington Post.

DJ Times: What makes a good spring-break DJ? What’s your set-up?

Lawhorn: I use [Native Instruments] Traktor. Spring-break DJing isn’t exceptionally complicated. You play hits and try to make sure no one pours beer on your setup.

DJ Times: So, how does a spring-break DJ come to remixing Fugazi?

Lawhorn: When I’d first launched my label, I’d been playing drums for a punk band—Cata
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