Cheer Up: New World Sound on New Single & American Tour

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In recent years, Australia has become a hotbed of fresh dance talent, with the funky electro style that has emerged from the continent quickly picking up steam in clubs and festivals throughout the rest of the world. Of the near-infinite amount of Aussie DJ/producers that have sprung up in this time, New World Sound has managed to set itself apart and gain the support of some of the world’s biggest artists through a series of huge releases, including the Beatport No.1 hit “The Buzz.”

Over the past month, the brothers have traveled across North America as part of their Cheer Up tour supporting their new single of the same name. DJ Times caught up with the boys ahead of the penultimate performance of the tour at New York City’s Webster Hall this weekend to talk about the single, influences, and upcoming projects.

DJ Times: Did you grow up in a musical family?
New World Sound: Yeah we did, we were actually forced into classical music when we were young but we’re glad we were now. [laughs] We started making our own music when we were really young too, but didn’t get serious with it until later on. Tiesto supported our first official release ["Peak”], and everything else went from there.

DJ Times: What sort of artists were you listening to in Australia that were particularly influential on your sound?
New World Sound: We listened to a ton of different Aussie music that had a big impact on us as we were developing. If we had to narrow it down to electronic music, we’d say guys like Ivan Gough, TV Rock (Ivan Gough and Grant Smillie), The Aston Shuffle, Tommy Trash and Hook n Sling; this was ages before they had blown up overseas too There’s so many more but those are just a few!

DJ Times: You’ve been on a North American tour. What’s it like playing to American audiences?
New World Sound: It’s pretty similar to home actually: a heap of energy and everyone is 100% into the music. So far the tour has been unreal!

DJ Times: What can fans expect from a New World Sound DJ set?
New World Sound: Good vibes and a mint party! Seriously though, something different and something fresh; we play a mix of styles and don’t pre-plan our sets. We get on a level with everyone and go from there. We’ll also usually bring a heap of our new unreleased tracks and some other surprises that you can only hear during our sets.

DJ Times: What went into the creation of your new single “Cheer Up?”
New World Sound: “Cheer Up” is really just about that! [l[laughs]e wanted to write a tune that was bouncy and brought the feel-good vibes, but still had that energy. When we’d finished the tune, we thought the name “Cheer Up” fit the feeling we’d been aiming for. It’s been going off at our shows and we’ve had some unreal feedback from our fans so we’re stoked

DJ Times: What other projects are you working on?
New World Sound: We’ve got a heap of new tracks coming soon and touring through the US, Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America real soon! We’ll keep making music that we’re vibing on and see where it takes us.

Listen to “Cheer Up” below and go to for more information.