Chauvet DJ Intimidators Shine at Japan’s Vanity Osaka

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Nestled in Japan’s third largest city, Vanity Osaka has taken its place as the country’s newest nightclub with some help from Chauvet Professional fixtures and Chauvet DJ’s Intimidator line.

Designed by Michael Meacham of Miami’s iDesign Productions, the lighting of Vanity Osaka features over 400 fixtures from Chauvet Professional. The setup of the single-level club features raised VIP seating on each side of the dancefloor with a large structural columns near the center. To incorporate these columns into the lighting design, Meacham used Chauvet Professional’s EPIX 2.0 bars and EPIX 2.0 strips alongside adroit pixel mapping.

The EPIX 2.0 units were further utilized throughout the rest of the club, with EPIX 2.0 bars fitted into the wall behind the DJ booth, five configurations of 32 EPIX 2.0 strips each built into the ceiling, and EPIX 2.0 strips placed behind the frosted glass within the VIP area. 20 Intimidator Spot LED 350 moving fixtures from Chauvet DJ are positioned in four groups of five over the columns, and Meacham’s design utilizes the motorized focus of them to project crisp gobos over the dancefloor.

Meacham aimed to create an expansive look for the club with an intimate lighting and video experience to immerse patrons regardless of their location inside the club. Speaking of the club’s design and Chauvet products used in it, Meacham said:

“We were very happy with the quality of the Chauvet products that we chose for Vanity. I had used the Intimidator Spot 350 previously in other clubs with great success, but I never used the EPIX series before. The EPIX fixtures worked out perfectly for this design. My client was thrilled. Vanity is one of the most original and unique clubs. There is nothing like it in Osaka.”

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