Charlie Sheen goes Dubstep…But Not Really

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Charlie Sheen and lady friend hold up fruit juice bottles

Charlie Sheen’s public meltdown on ABC-News’ 20/20 Tuesday night has been given a witty, hilarious, and banging video remix by Canadian DJ Ephixa.

Now, one listen will bear witness that the remix isn’t dubstep at all, but that’s not really the point.

The YouTube video has attracted nearly 300,000 hits, and  if you follow Ephixa’s link to his channel, you’ll find real gems, like a chillout version of Mt Eden Dubstep’s “Sierre Leone,” or, if you dig deeper to his website, more electro-housey fare like this , or what he calls hardstyle, with trancey chords.

The lesson here is clear–(we have nothing better to do than scroll through the Internet, which isn’t really “wining,” is it?)–and Charlie Sheen would not doubt approve: Sieze a moment, choose your battlefield, create content that can go viral, and use that as a gateway to get your work to a bigger audience. In other words, convert tin cans to pure gold, and failure is not an option.

It worked for DJ Steve Porter, and it can work for you.