Charity Begins at Home, where the Heart is, which is a Lonely Hunter…

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DJ Louie Munoz has been providing entertainment for the EJ Autism Foundation’s annual 4 Mile Run/Walk since its inception in 2007. And he’ll be at the bandshell again this year, Sunday, April 18, at the East Islip Marina in East Islip, Long Island, at 9:30 a.m. Registration is $25.

And while DJ Louie does the gig for the love, there are business advantages to such endeavors.

How? You can invite prospects, giving them an opportunity to see your live Mojo—something that’s rarely kosher at private functions.

Also, you can include your charitable activities on your company’s website and marketing materials. And in lieu of a cash payment, most charities will be thrilled to feature your company’s information in their marketing, advertising, and publicity for the event.

The IRS is less than charitable, however. These gigs are not tax deductible–not for religious events, educational or scientific charities. Not even for charities organized for the prevention of cruelty to animals, children and New York Times columnists. However, your out-of-pocket expenses such as mileage, parking fees, tolls, supplies, cost of merchandise distributed, payroll, dry cleaning, repairs, and reasonable expenses for meals and lodging are tax deductible. Consult IRS Publication 526 or your accountant for more details.

If you don’t have a personal reason for choosing a particular charity and want to check out different options, check these sites:;;;

“You never know,” says Louie.

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