• Art Department: (from left) Kenny Glasgow & Jonny White.
    ART DEPARTMENT: Living The Life

    IT TAKES 2 As EDM Goes Enormo, Art Department’s Dynamic Duo Keeps the Underground Fires Burning ...

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  • centralamerica

    San Salvador, El Salvador—Just a week after thousands of electronic dance music enthusiasts ...

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  • MG-PressPhoto-Color
    Martin Garrix: Studio Animal

    Apparently, age is simply just a number for Martin Garrix. With a U.K. chart-topper and two ...

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  • 6
    Will Sparks: ‘It was as if I had some kind of drug problem–with music’

    Just a couple of years ago he was a guitarist in a local Melbourne rock band. Then, the ...

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DJ OBaH Finds the heart of Brazilian Soul

Last year, Brooklyn-based DJ OBaH got a call from Ocote Soul Sounds leader Martín Perna, the multi-instrumentalist perhaps better known for his work with TV On The Radio and Beck. Would OBaH—as in “Old-school Beats and Harmonies”—like to remix a track from Ocote Soul Sounds’ CD, Coconut Rock ...

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