Cassy’s Big Year

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As Cassy Britton finishes up 2013, it’s hard for her not to look back and realize that she’s had quite a year.

Not only did she release her splendid Fabric 71 mix comp—with its tasty combo of techno and house flavors—she also began a quarterly residency at Brooklyn’s ultra-hot Output club that’s slated to run well into 2014. When you consider that she also maintains a handful of other top global residencies (Berlin’s Panorama Bar, Paris’ Rex Club, Amsterdam’s Trouw and Ibiza’s Circo Loco at DC10) and continues to play major massives like New York’s Electric Zoo, Orlando’s recently completed Electric Daisy Carnival and Mexico’s upcoming BPM Festival, that’s quite a résumé indeed.

With all that in mind, we caught up with the English-born/Austrian-raised DJ to discuss her big year on the road.
DJ Times: During your Electric Zoo set, I was trying to put my finger on your genre. What would you call it?
Cassy: Well, in the U.S., what I play is called techno and in Europe sometimes we call it house. I just play house, techno, maybe tech-house. But, to me, that’s what I do. There’s a style and a way of playing music and there’s just so many different techno tracks and so many different house tracks and so many different tech-house tracks that some are deeper. I tend to pick stuff that’s deeper or more rhythmic or warmer.

DJ Times: What do you require in the DJ booth?
Cassy: My set-up is usually two Technics SL-1200 turntables, two Pioneer CDJ players, and an Allen & Heath mixer.

DJ Times: And your studio set-up?
Cassy: I don’t have a studio at the moment because I don’t really live anywhere…

DJ Times: Ha, where do you “not” live?
Cassy: I do “not” live right now in Ibiza, so I have to go to other people’s studios. But my set-up usually was just a mixing desk, an 808, plus a computer and a sequencer.
DJ Times: So without having your own studio, where did you create your Fabric mix?
Cassy: I did it in a friend’s studio in Geneva, a sound engineer [Lad Agabekov] I’m working with, so that’s what I had to do. I had to find people that I could work with now, which is extremely good. I love it, and you’re also not alone creating something. It’s also nice, because I’m alone most of the time, so it’s nice to not be alone. We’ve worked on some remixes, but we only started this year.

DJ Times: Let’s talk residencies. You recently began playing at Output in Brooklyn, which has been compared a little bit with Berlin’s Berghain, where you also have a spot at Panorama Bar.
Cassy: I would not compare the two clubs at all. I mean, obviously Berghain is an inspiration because it’s an ideal club in so many ways. So you’re inspired by it and influenced by it—that’s cool because everything in the creative field is inspired by something else, so that’s good. But I would not compare.

DJ Times: I love that Duster Valentine track “(My Back Is) Against the Wall,” which ends your Fabric comp.
Cassy: Ahhhh, it’s so beautiful. I found the record because it’s on Rush Hour, a label from Amsterdam, and there was a record store. I lived in Amsterdam for six months and it’s an extremely good label and an extremely brilliant record store and they release so much beautiful music. I’m so happy it was released on record as well, and the track was so breathtaking that I knew it had to be part of my mix.

DJ Times: To have it at the end…
Cassy: Yeah. And that was the best because it’s so meaningful it just… the sound, everything, the tonality, everything. It’s just so uplifting. It’s so soulful. It’s like sad and happy at the same time. It’s like life.


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