Cash Cash Returns With “Jewel” Featuring Nikki Vianna

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Still buzzing off their collaboration with American rock band Dashboard Confessional, Cash Cash has struck again releasing another dancefloor-friendly single.

Teaming up with Nikki Vianna, their latest offering, “Jewel,” isn’t your traditional progressive house or glittery pop production we’ve come to expect from the trio. Falling into the future bass category, their new single is both energetic and uplifting, a perfect addition to an already impressive discography of the New Jersey natives.

“When we made ‘Jewel’ our goal was to not overthink the song and just let the emotion of the instrumental bring the song to life. We started with the track and knew the chords and instrumental melody alone had a special feeling. We knew we wanted to keep that vibe going with the vocals and Nikki Vianna gave us exactly what we were all hearing in our heads. We’re known for mixing up many genres, vibes, & tempos in our music but there’s something very ‘Cash Cash’ about the songwriting in ‘Jewel,’” Cash Cash explains.

Check out “Jewel” below.