Carl Craig Bringing ‘Somewhere In…’ Residency to New York

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Verboten launched its eponymous venue last month with a stacked roster of talent, and the trend is set to continue with the news of Carl Craig bringing his Somewhere In… residency to the Brooklyn location beginning on April 12. With accompaniment including Martin Buttrich, Kenny Larkin, and Davide Squillace, the inaugural event will also act as a pre-party for Detroit’s Movement Festival.

Set to take place quarterly over the course of the year, the new party concept is inspired by Mad Mike Bank’s Somewhere in Detroit record store and was first previewed last summer with a one off event in the Balearic Islands last summer. Craig outlined the inspiration for the party, saying:

“For a party to be great, what matters is the purity of good music, the soundsystem that delivers it to your ears and the journey it takes you on. In the words of Funkadelic, ‘Free your mind and your ass will follow.’ I want you to lose the time in your mind and do what your body wants you to – dance. Forget everything else and join my friends and I on a musical ride.”

More information is available on the event’s Facebook Page, and tickets can be purchased on