How Twitter-Stalking Pays Off

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funny retweet from paul revere: Brits are coming, pls retweet

Can Tweetdeck fill your calendar?

Can shadowing potential customers on Twitter pay dividends for DJs by opening up the spigot and allowing more bookings to flow into their coffers?

DeeJay Woody from Louisville thinks so.

“With Twitter, it’s a little different ballgame than Facebook,” he says. “It’s about harnessing the power of Twitter, finding people in your area who are looking for your services. I’m not gonna lie, Twitter takes a lot of time to keep up on. It’s very powerful but it can almost require another body to sit there and watch it. I set up searches in Tweetdeck, and I keep an eye on these searches, “Louisville,” “DJs in Louisville,” “wedding in Louisville,” things that you would use as search terms in Google…so I’ll respond to someone who’s looking for a Louisville DJ…”

Of course, around NCAA March Madness time, that all gets thrown in the toilet.

“You really have to tighten up your filters, because there’s so many people tweeting about Louisville basketball when they’re doing well in the NCAAs…”

Except now.

Woody believes Twitter has paid for him—with caveats.

“It does work, but you have to follow the people who have popped up on your Tweetdeck radar and get to know them based on what they say. If they say something funny, then you re-tweet it, and you get to know them. It’s such a different approach than a chat board or emails, because you could have bumped into these people in a crowd, you just don’t know, it’s an odd way of social contact. You have to earn their trust. But this one bride started following me after I re-tweeted her, and I followed her, and we booked her wedding. It does take bit of diligence to book them, but they’re out there.”