Can Dubstep Re-Make Britney Spears?

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No bigger advocate for dubstep can be found than in the person of Christopher “Rusko” Mercer, a recent transplant from the U.K. who has worked with M.I.A. and will be twiddling knobs and moving the mouse for the next Britney Spears’ record.

“Dubstep picks up rock fans, the Burning Man crowd, the Mad Decent/Fool’s Gold/hipster-kid crowd,” he says. “Dubstep is kind of like an amalgamation of all the dance music that’s gone before in a big pot. And we take fans from all those types of genres.”

Fair enough. In the studio, he singles out Effectrix and Vogue—both from Sugar Bytes—as key plug-ins, thanks to their EQ abilities, which he uses frequently in his production. And when Rusko’s DJing, he generally uses a combination of vinyl and Native Instruments’ DVS , Traktor. Much of the DJ set is based around his own music—big, booming bass, and long, loping grooves—which he chops down for club use.

Check Rusko’s tracks on his inaugural artist album, O.M.G.! [Mad Decent], and read more about how he crafted the tracks in the next issue of DJ Times.