Can a Volcano Stop the Music?

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This is not a NASCAR Race

The phrase, “When Iceland sneezes, the world catches a cold,” made its debut this past weekend, as the lusty volcano spewed its ashes over most of Europe, grounding flights and, in many cases, stopping the music. For us, we were relieved that the source of such poisonous toxins was in no way NASCAR-related.

For many DJs, it provided the rare opportunity to keep their feet on the ground. Carl Cox was stranded in London, unable to get a flight to a gig  in Bulgaria. “I’m truly gutted,” he tweeted. “I wont be able to make it to you tonight, its not often I am forced to be at home but today its just been impossible for me to get to you. Hope to see you soon when we can reschedule the date.”

Cedric Gervais was similarly grounded. “I won’t make it to London tonight for Matter, maybe next time thanks to u VULCANO !!!!!”

Not all DJs accepted their fates, however. Although grounded in London, Tommie Sunshine adopted a solution particularly American. “The only way to get from London to my gig in Berlin tonight is DRIVE! 600+ miles. This volcano will not stop me.”

Others beat the volcano, hands-down. Laidback Luke spun in Paris. “Social Club in Paris was DOPE. Really enjoyed playing Ghettotech and dubstep and mashing styles up! Such a good crowd and massive support!”

He then trained it from there to Amsterdam. “My score this weekend: LBL 2, Volcano 0!”

Some DJs enjoyed the volcano’s pure beauty. “Enjoying listening to Dance Department on radio538 in FM stereo while seeing a plane-less sky is officially HOT,” tweeted Sander Kleinenberg. “On a beach in the Netherlands looking at a blood red moon from volcano ash…Ready to play TUNES!”

Still other DJs found the funny in lava spew. “According to legend, the only way to appease the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland is to sacrifice a virgin girl,” tweeted Deadmau5. “f*&^%it, lets toss Justin Bieber in there…as if the volcano would know the diff anyway…”

“This is not the proper forum for natural disasters,” tweeted Sunshine, “but I blame Bjork for setting off the volcano.”