Breaking: Z-Trip No Longer Broken, Coachella Awaits

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coachellaZ-Trip has healed from a snowboarding injury in time for his Coachella set, this Saturday in the Sahara Tent at 10:30 pm.

The winner of our “America’s Best DJ” award, and this month’s cover story, Z offers inspiration for anyone trying to break out of a musical, er, cast.

“I wanna see every DJ take more chances! I wanna hear the Deadmau5 dubstep project! I wanna hear the Kaskade drum-and-bass release! The Q-Bert techno record. The Tiësto reggae compilation! That’s what I wanna hear! And I bet you, secretly, half of the guys I named are fans of completely other types of music but they’re afraid to lose status or security or bookings. I’ve gained more fans by being all-inclusive and being unpredictable than maybe some others.”

Ironically, the one place he finds it most difficult to take a gamble behind the decks is at his Vegas residency, Rain. “I’ll put a couple of dubstep tunes on in Vegas, but it might get missed. Whereas, in Denver at Beta, I was dropping the most cutting-edge and raw and big, and when you play them there, people lose their mind to this dubstep! I couldn’t get away doing that on a standard Vegas night. But that’s the thing. If you give them enough of what they want, they give you the leeway to go your own way because you’ve gained their trust.”

The first rule of DJ club? “You have to be on a journey, yourself.”

And be careful on the slopes.

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