Breaking: All-Star MCs to Reveal Secrets at DJ Expo

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At this year’s DJ Expo, some of the country’s most successful MCs will share their talents in “All-Star Wedding MC Secrets Revealed!” The seminar’s moderator, DJ Steve Moody, says the all-star cast will share what really goes on behind the curtains.

“We’re setting up a mock wedding reception, which will give a chance for our entertainers to showcase different styles of MC work,” says Steve. “Attendees will have an opportunity to see all these entertainers perform as they would at a real show—but, most importantly, each entertainer will take the time to explain the ‘how and why’ of their presentation.”

Elisabeth Daley will be sharing what promises to be an amazing grand entrance, and will explain that people are much more than just names, as well as the importance of learning as much as she can about a client as soon as a contract is signed.

“I’ll discuss the importance of nurturing client relationships and looking for opportunities to really customize the client experience,” says Liz, based in Williamsburg, Virginia. “Would they have chosen a different first dance if only that middle section wasn’t there? Does the bride have a close relationship with her father? How can you help her surprise him with a heartfelt dedication in her own voice?

“And what if you found out, because you took the time to listen, that there was a childhood recording of the bride singing a song with her father when she was five years old, and what if you could mix that into the father/daughter dance? All technical expertise aside, if you don’t know your client, you can’t really help them on a personal level. This personal touch will allow you to connect with your clients on a deeper level, they will trust you more and your introductions will be spectacular.”