Breach & Kelis Pair Up for ‘The Key’ Video

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Breach has brought Kelis back to the dance world for the video for “The Key,” the pair’s new collaborative single.

The track draws heavily upon its roots as Breach’s remix of Kelis’ single “Rumble” from this summer’s Food. Kelis rerecorded the vocal take for a reworked release by Breach under the new title “The Key.” The new version has a much brighter and euphoric vibe than Breach’s recent hits “Jack” and “Let’s Get Hot,” with glittering synth riffs and bouncing basslines crafting positively infectious soundscapes.

The video for the track is a simple, stylish affair. Kelis appears in the clip and channels the best of 1970s disco divas while she is perched on a throne atop a raised platform. Four dance couples flank her on each side and rhythmically mirror the track’s tales of destructive romances.

“The Key” is set for release on December 15 via Big Beat Records. Watch the video below.