October 24, 2014




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DJ QBert Launches North American Tour with Jeremy Ellis


DJ Qbert has hit the road for the Extraterrestrium: The Guided Space Tour, an extended North American jaunt throughout October and November. The America’s Best DJ 2010 winner kicked off his tour in Santa Cruz, CA last week, and he will play a total of 28 dates across the US and Canada. The ...

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Phase 1 of BPM Festival 2015 Lineup Revealed


The BPM Festival is just a little over two months from returning to Playa del Carmen, Mexico for its 8th anniversary on January 9-18, and the first phase of the artist lineup has been revealed. The full lineup will include 75 events spread across 10 days and nights, and the first announcement ...

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Shake It: Helena on Club Work Beginnings, Upcoming Singles, & Favorite Tracks


Helena has been living and breathing dance music since her early teens. After learning to DJ in her early teens from none other than Eats Everything, Helena began to work for clubs and festivals in Ibiza, London, and across the rest of Europe before beginning her own artistic career. Now, the ...

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