Blast Off: Kaz James on ‘Show Me All Your Love,’ Roots, and Production

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The summer’s winding down, but Australia’s Kaz James is bringing the heat with his new single “Show Me All Your Love.” Out now on ONELOVE, the track is a glittery disco-house number with triumphant chords and jubilant vocals.

The track serves as a follow-up to “Blast Off” (James’ collaboration with David Guetta from earlier this year) and comes in the midst of a packed summer for the DJ/producer. With high-profile performances in Ibiza and at festivals around the world, James has been one to watch throughout the summer months.

We connected with James to discuss the new single, his musical origins, and upcoming projects.

DJ Times: How did you get started DJing and producing?
Kaz James: I was a DJ before I was a producer. I learned trumpet at school and was in the children’s choir, but I couldn’t stand the music I was being taught. I really wanted to be part of the music I was listening to on the radio. When I was 14, a friend of mine had some decks, and me and my friends would go around to his house and practice DJing all day. From that moment, I pretty much knew what I wanted to do. I started DJing in all the underage discos and friends’ house parties. I remember reading articles about DJs playing their own music and just thought that it would be amazing to be able to do that. So eventually, I started hanging out in the studio with different artists and producers learning how to make records.

DJ Times: Your new single “Show Me All Your Love” just came out. What went into the inspiration and creation of it?
James: I actually started writing it years ago, but it didn’t feel like the right time to release it. I always knew that it had a certain magic to it, but with a lot of things it’s about timing. It’s a lot more housey which is what I love. The vocal is actually me singing (Don’t tell anyone!).  I wanted to create a kind of late 80s, early 90s vibe.

DJ Times: You’re Australian born but have made a lot of career moves in the UK. What’s the biggest difference between the dance scenes of both locations?
James: I would say in one way, Australia is great because it has its own scene. Being so far away from everywhere, it takes influence from itself, which is what makes it unique. However, this has changed a lot over the years due to the Internet which makes it a lot more accessible for people to see what everyone else is doing.  The brilliant thing about London is you have access to everything you need in the music industry, in terms of studios, musicians, record labels, etc.  The weather is mostly shit so you spend most of your time working in the studio because you have nothing else to do, so if making music is your favorite thing to do then London’s a great place to be!

DJ Times: How did you initially connect with David Guetta to lead to the creation of “Blast Off”?
James: I’ve known David for years and we have always got along really well. I was supporting him last year on his world tour and we were on a plane between gigs. We just started going through different ideas we found one we liked and developed it.  “Blast Off” was born.

DJ Times: How have the clubs and crowds been like in Ibiza this season?
James: Ibiza has been amazing this year. I’ve had so many great shows, and I’m just so thankful that I’ve been lucky enough to play there for so many years. For me, it’s still the best place to DJ in the world. The people and the clubs have a certain energy that you can’t find consistently anywhere else! I love playing Ushuaia and Pacha, and the Mambo sessions I’ve done this year have all be great too!

DJ Times: You played a set of big festivals this summer. Which one has been your favorite?
James: I played at Tomorrowland for the first time, which was a lot of fun. I got to hang out with the drum and bass crew, which was interesting, I was talking studio nerdery with Gareth from Pendulum/Knife Party.

DJ Times: What production gear have you been using lately (both hardware and software)?
James: Recently I purchased the new Symphony, which sounds brilliant. In terms of software, I’ve recently been using the Sonic Charge Synplant. It’s great when you want to create unique sounds.

DJ Times: What artists have you been listening to recently?
James: I really like what Duke Dumont is doing at the moment; bringing back that early 90s flavor is awesome. I;m also really liking The Magician’s new record “Sunlight.”

DJ Times: What other projects are you working on currently? 
James: I’ve been producing and writing with a hot new band called Rage on Gold who are starting to create a real buzz around town. I have also been super busy finishing new collabs as well as a whole heap of solo stuff!

Stream “Show Me All Your Love” below.

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