Blackout Problem? Solved–at DJ Expo

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DJ Adam Weitz offered DJ Expo attendees an inspired solution for a blackout. It was a routine he calls No Power-Power Hour, and he designed it for the DJ of the Year competition, and it was dazzling enough—generator uplighting, flashlights, dancers—for it to earn the Philly-based Weitz the DJ of the Year award.

“I had such a blast and honestly didn’t think anyone was gonna understand [the routine],” Weitz said afterward. “But it’s nice to know people can think outside the box.”

Other winners included Master G Entertainment (Best choreographed routine); Keith Alan (best game);  Betsy Fischer (Best Dance); Betsy Fischer (runner-up).

Weitz also moderated a seminar, “How an Event Coordinator can Change your Business,” during which nuggets of edification were thrown around like ping pong balls in a lotto bin.

“A follow-up e-mail to a prospect should be personalized,” Weitz said. “You should know all family members’ names, and use them appropriately in the e-mail.”

Also: “On location at a meeting: etiquette is the same!”

“Make the guest of honor the king/queen of the night—the event revolves around them!”

And this: “Ask rather than tell guests.”